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God Is with us - Disciple
from Long Live the Rebels
1:03 Lost Lost - Red
from End of Silence
12:59 Infected Infected - 12 Stones
from Beneath the Scars
12:56 Never Back Down Never Back Down - Nine Lashes
from From Water To War
12:52 Anchor Me Anchor Me - Decyfer Down
from The Other Side Of Darkness
12:48 Not Gonna Die Not Gonna Die - Skillet
from Rise
12:43 Blood in The Tears Blood in The Tears - Demon Hunter
from The World Is A Thorn
12:40 Hearing Voices Hearing Voices - Anberlin
from Lowborn
12:36 Three Nails Three Nails - Set For The Fall
from Three Nails
12:32 Come Alive Come Alive - Ashes Remain
from What Ive Become
12:28 Stars Stars - Switchfoot
from Nothing is Sound
12:25 Zombie Zombie - We As Human
from We As Human
12:21 Honest Honest - Thousand Foot Krutch
from Exhale
12:16 Disaster Disaster - In The Verse
from Disaster-Single
12:12 Start Again Start Again - Red
from Innocence and Instinct