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Unbroken - Ashes Remain
from What Ive Become
12:09 No Longer No Longer - Decyfer Down
from End of Grey
12:05 You Are The Light You Are The Light - Nine Lashes
from From Water To War
12:01 Dig Dig - Love Like Gravity
from Love Like Gravity
11:57 Dismantle.Repair Dismantle.Repair - Anberlin
from Cities
11:53 Set Me on Fire Set Me on Fire - Flyleaf
from Between the Stars
11:49 If I Break If I Break - Red
from End of Silence-10th Anniversary
11:45 Light Up The Sky Light Up The Sky - Thousand Foot Krutch
from The End Is Where We Begin
11:40 Beautiful Day Beautiful Day - Sanctus Real
from In the Name of Love
11:37 Taking Life Taking Life - We As Human
from We As Human
11:34 Feel Invincible Feel Invincible - Skillet
from Unleashed
11:30 Underdog Underdog - Audio Adrenaline
from Underdog
11:22 Resuscitate Me Resuscitate Me - Remedy Drive
from Resuscitate
11:18 Anchor Me Anchor Me - Decyfer Down
from The Other Side Of Darkness
11:15 Desperate Desperate - Fireflight
from For Those Who Wait