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Matter Of Time - Fight the Fade
from Apophysitis-EP
12:45 Whispers - One Minute Halo
from Against The Grain
12:42 On My Own - Ashes Remain
from What Ive Become
12:38 Learn From The Night - Sent by Ravens
from Mean What You Say
12:34 The War We Made - Red
from Declaration
12:30 The Resistance - Skillet
from Unleashed
12:26 For Those Who Wait - Fireflight
from For Those Who Wait
12:23 Write it Down - Nine Lashes
from World We View
12:20 Framing My Perception - Gold Frankincense & Myrrh
from Framing My Perception-Single
12:17 The Feeling - Kutless
from To Know That You're Alive
12:14 Calm The Storm - Spoken
from Illusion
12:10 Invisible - Disciple
from Horseshoes & Handgrenades
12:06 Bleed Me Dry - Memphis May Fire
from Bleed Me Dry-Single
12:03 The Soldier - Lacey Sturm
from Life Screams
11:59 Never Be The Same - Red
from Innocence and Instinct